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So I decided that instead of just having my general information on the top left side of my blog that I would tell you all a bit more about myself in this section. I’m 20 years old and currently studying my final year in Media and Journalism at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I originally come from a small city near Harrogate/York/Leeds.

The reason for me starting this blog is mainly so I had somewhere where I could write without feeling to nervous about it but also so I could improve on my writing technique for my Journalism side of my course. I guess listening to my lecturers constantly go on about whether we have our own blogs was also a main reason for starting this up.

I love a lot of things, which I won’t go on about here because it would take a long time as I like a lot but I love horrors even though I might not look like the type of person who would as I am a girly girl but horrors a favourite of mine! I also love country music; I have such a wide range of music choice its unreal. Traveling is one of them things I love and one day I hope to travel to a lot more places.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Feel free to check out my other social media networks like Instagram, twitter, bloglovin…. at the left hand side of my blog.

Gaby xo


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